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"Police have arrested the polar bear." Captain Planet was also arrested, unfortunately on Monday in NYC ‪#‎FloodWallStreet ‬‪#‎FreeThePolarBear‬

Still under-reported by the mainstream media  Think:  50 Teabaggers show up anywhere and you have  going nuts…  


SIGN THE PETITION to the Department of Justice: Open an investigation into the shooting of John Crawford III—


Are those record high corporate profits making it easier for you and your family to pay your bills? Didn’t think so. (via Jobs With Justice)

We need an economy that works for all of us. Add your name:

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Many in law enforcement recognize that poverty, unemployment, and the drugs and violence that accompany them are social problems that cannot be solved by arresting people. But the police and the courts are not equipped with social solutions. They are equipped with handcuffs and jail time.

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Last Thursday at the Reframing the Real gathering at the CIT, students and faculty were virtually glued to a screen projecting raw images and videos captured in real time as Egyptian protestors stormed Tahrir Square in 2011.


After culling the jarring footage from Twitter feeds, news sites…

We, as people, are media repositoriesWe’ve collected all this data and now we’re inundated and don’t know how to feel about it… We’re desensitized to the grizzly headlines.

NYC declared the  capital of the World. - Big Apple was “2014 most vegan-friendly city” of the year due to a first #vegetarian public school, vegan fast-food outlets and increasing offshoots of vegan gourmet restaurants.

The 2014 meaning of “conservative” in the USA is straight from 1984 by George Orwell - ‪#‎Doublespeak‬ is saying one thing and meaning another, usually its opposite. In 1984 when BIG BROTHER and the Party say PEACE they mean WAR, when they say LOVE they mean HATE, and when they say FREEDOM they mean SLAVERY. Just like ‪#‎GOP‬ in America today.

Not to mention what if the US were allowing 16 and 17-year-olds to vote, like Scotland did! 

Do you know that you can Register and Request Your Ballot Today? 


Maybe these politicians aren’t doing the math, but we are. More cost = less access.

Bill Murray denies reports he’s working on a sequel to Groundhog Day where the hero is forced to repeatedly endure Benghazi hearings.