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It’s well-known that congressional agendas are at least partially written by those paying for campaigns — that’s one of the major reasons there is so much pressure for campaign finance reform. However, it’s still illegal to directly trade money for votes, and that might be just what some…


…the myth of a “crisis” is being used by politicians to justify ever-tighter restrictions on immigration, play to anti-immigrant voters in the fall elections and ignore the reasons so many children are coming here in the first place.

Oh, Irony… George Orwell would be proud of the latest NRA slogan… 


Jacqueline Kennedy was born on this day in 1929, in Southhampton, New York.  She was named Jacqueline Lee Bouvier.  Her father, John, was a stockbroker on Wall Street whose family had come from France in the early 1800s. Her mother, Janet, had ancestors from Ireland and England. 

As a child, Jackie loved to read. Before she started school, she had read all the children’s books on her bookshelves. Her heroes were Mowgli from Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Little Lord Fauntleroy’s grandfather, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With the Wind, and the poet Byron.

Learn more about growing up as Jacqueline Kennedy from the JFK Library

Photo: Jacqueline Bouvier, 1935. Photograph by David Berne in the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, Boston.

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I’ve never seen anything like it.

Theodore Olson, lawyer for the plaintiff in Virginia same-sex marriage case

Why today’s ruling is a watershed moment for gay rights

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WILL YOU VOTE on November 2014?


If you haven’t updated your voter registration you can do so online here:


If you haven’t updated your voter registration you can do so online here:

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GOP loves to hammer on fraud and waste in government, yet it seems the Pentagon is the only federal agency that never is audited. Of course it takes a progressive like Barbara Lee (Oakland, CA) to call for legislation “Audit the Pentagon Act of 2014” — I say we all should help her out and get this petition circulating.

"FDR was a racist fascist, who sent Japanese people to the concentration camps" - this is the most common trolling attempt on the Being Liberal page.  The critique of using Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the patron of modern American liberalism never come from left.  It’s a widely accepted fact that FDR was the most liberal of the American presidents, followed by JFK.  Both are hated by modern conservatives because their legacy is all the GOP, in it’s Tea Party hijacked iteration stands for.

Today the bigoted, racist, xenophobic Republican Party “ideological base” is shouting at the border,  pointing to “different looking children” and immigrants as the reason of their own failing.  I have no doubt that Tea Party represents the same mentality that is responsible for the implementation of the Executive Order 9066.

Nobody questions the fact that FDR signed that order 
on Feb. 19th. 1942.  He did that after two months of the growing public hysteria against all Japanese in the USA.  One can’t escape analogy that we, as American Society lived through the similar group paranoia after 9/11 when every Middle Eastern looking person became a “terrorist”.   In 1941 Lieutenant General John L. DeWitt, head of the Western Command, each questioned Japanese American loyalty. DeWitt, who later administered the internment program, repeatedly told newspapers that "A Jap’s a Jap" and testified to Congress, "I don’t want any of them [persons of Japanese ancestry] here. They are a dangerous element. There is no way to determine their loyalty… It makes no difference whether he is an American citizen, he is still a Japanese. American citizenship does not necessarily determine loyalty… But we must worry about the Japanese all the time until he is wiped off the map."

Without looking into the role of the Native Sons and Daughters of the Golden West and the California Department of the American Legion one can not simply put a blame on FDR for listening to the public.  George Takei in his interview talks only about Earl Warren, the Attorney General of California, responsible for persuading the federal government to remove all people of Japanese heritage from the West Coast.

Internment was popular among many white farmers who resented the Japanese American farmers. “White American farmers admitted that their self-interest required removal of the Japanese.” These individuals saw internment as a convenient means of uprooting their Japanese American competitors. Austin E. Anson, managing secretary of the Salinas Vegetable Grower-Shipper Association, told the Saturday Evening Post in 1942: "We’re charged with wanting to get rid of the Japs for selfish reasons. We do. It’s a question of whether the white man lives on the Pacific Coast or the brown men. They came into this valley to work, and they stayed to take over… If all the Japs were removed tomorrow, we’d never miss them in two weeks, because the white farmers can take over and produce everything the Jap grows. And we do not want them back when the war ends, either."

Many fans know George Takei from his role as Mr. Sulu on the 1960s show Star Trek. But in the past decade, he has drawn followers who admire him because of who he is — not just who he has played. Now, the new documentary To Be Takei may interest more people in Takei’s life.
Takei’s personal story offers insights into a couple of key chapters of American political and cultural history.

WTF?   GOP making their propaganda MANDATORY in public schools?  You mean just like Communist Party in the Soviet Union? It didn’t work out well for them…